Ripple’s Effect

Amy Blankson + Shawn Achor

Can you really make a difference with something as small as a smile?

Ripple, the new dolphin at the aquarium, is surprised that no one will play with her. She soon finds out that everyone is scared to have fun because of Snark and his shiver of sharks. Even Ripple is intimidated by their bullying, at first. But when Ripple’s trainer reminds her that happiness is a choice, and that we can each make the world a better place because of who we choose to be, Ripple chooses to have fun and challenges Snark to a staring competition. If Ripple makes Snark smile, she wins and everyone gets to play. If not, Snark’s no-fun rules will rule.  Will Ripple’s smile be enough to save the day?

Awash with charming illustrations, this delightful tale introduces children to the basics of positive psychology and shows them that happiness is a choice that they make for themselves. Ripple’s Effect is published by Little Pickle Press, which means it is printed on recycled paper with soy ink and is available digitally as well. There are lesson plans available for teachers and homeschooling parents to accompany the book.

Are You an Educator?

Check out my free lesson plans for teachers and homeschooling parents to bring the message of Ripple’s Effect to life.  I also have a limited number of posters available for use in classrooms and libraries. Enjoy!

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