Back to the Future…of Happiness

Recently, my husband and I decided to show our three daughters (ages 9, 6, and 3) the classic movie Back to the Future. Of course, my kids were immediately enthralled, but my youngest had a few key questions like, Mommy, what is the future? And what is the present? (pause) And what is plutonium? I dutifully and patiently answered each question and totally thought that she was tracking with me. However, at the end of the movie, she whispered earnestly into my ear, Mommy, did they get the present? And I realized that the whole time she had been waiting for some epic gift reveal. I tried to explain that getting back to the present was the present, but I think I might have lost her on that one.

The next day, we launched into Back to the Future II where Michael J. Fox gets a preview of his life in the future (aka 2015). Interestingly, 10 of the futuristic inventions have now become reality. Was the movie ahead of its time, or did the movie inspire inventors to create hoverboards and self-tightening shoe to fulfill the vision?

In the process of writing my upcoming book The Future of Happiness, I have spent quite a bit of time contemplating the future, and what I’ve discovered is that the future depends very much on the present. The attitudes and habits that we practice today will shape the world that we live in personally and collectively in the future. If this sounds a bit master-of-our-own-fate, that’s because it is. Happiness is a choice, and it’s one with far-reaching consequences for our careers, our families and our health.

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