Fearless Positivity: Mastering Mindset in the Midst of Change
While uncertainty and change abound in modern life, our actions in the midst of these moments are what truly define us. Fearless positivity is not the absence of fear, but the audacious opportunity to move through it by focusing on what matters most. Building on principles of positivity psychology, author and speaker Amy Blankson will share actionable, research-based strategies for leveraging microhabits to reframe stress, optimize your mindset, and create a more positive culture.  
Digital Flourishing: Strategies for Fostering Wellness in an Era of Remote and Hybrid Work

Finding a sense of balance in our “always-on culture” was tricky before the pandemic; now employers and employees find themselves at a breaking point with zoom fatigue, information overload, and remote work challenges. Unplugging is no longer a realistic option, as literally everything has moved online.  It’s time to explore new strategies for creating a realistic sense of balance.  In this talk, happiness expert Amy Blankson will present a new model for digital flourishing that helps individuals self-assess and strategize how to create a dynamic sense of balance in an otherwise unpredictable world.