Positive cultures don’t just emerge; they are created by thoughtful leaders who had a vision and inspired others to join. However, many leaders feel that they lack the clarity, strategy, or support to either create or shift an established culture in a new direction. That’s where I come in. Using the Future of Happiness Framework, I help high performing executives to get grounded, know themselves on a deeper level, train their brains to be more creative and resilient, create a habitat for work (and play) that fosters quality of life, and ultimately to innovate consciously to create a better team, community, and world. Want to learn more? To schedule a free 15 min consultation, please fill out the form. Coaching rates start at $250/hr.


Are you interested in growing professionally as a speaker? Depending on your level of experience and the velocity with which you want to move forward, I can custom-create a coaching package for you. Coaching rates start at $250/hr. To schedule an free 15 min consultation, please fill out the following fill out the form

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  • I’m an aspiring speaker (0-2 talks per year) looking for help getting started with my topic or book idea.
  • I’m an emerging speaker (6-10 talks per year) looking to raise my fees or book more talks.
  • I’m an experienced speaker (20+ talks per year) looking to join the speaking circuit.



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