Fearless Positivity: Mastering Mindset in the Midst of Change

We all face fear, discomfort, and resistance to change, but our actions in the midst of these mindsets are what truly define us. Fearless positivity is not the absence of fear, but the audacious opportunity to move through it by focusing on what matters most. In this interactive session, you’ll learn actionable, research-based ideas from positive psychology and brain physiology that will equip you to see the present and future in a whole new light.

Digital Thriving: Balancing Happiness & Technology in a Hyperconnected World

As we look towards the future of work and learning, wellness has taken center stage. A recent survey reported that over 90% of individuals feel burned out from digital overwhelm–citing the pressures of working across multiple timezones, toggling between applications, fending off digital distraction, overcoming zoom fatigue, and more. While leaders see and recognize these inherent problems, they lack a vision for how to overcome them and ultimately to create a more positive digital culture. In this interactive workshop, join Amy Blankson, CEO of the Digital Wellness Institute, to learn about cutting-edge research from the field, actionable skills for helping your teams, and emerging resources available to you now to create systematic and lasting change. 

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Rather than fighting against the digital movement, we need higher-level help to harness it for our greatest joy, success, connection, and fulfillment. Amy’s book is the perfect pathway to this…
Kathy Caprino

“Brave Up” writer, speaker, coach and leadership developer

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