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Keynotes that help leaders and teams convert stress into joy, so they can sustain happiness at work.
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Happiness at work is always a good idea.


Because when your people have quality of work life, they experience more calm.

They’re more engaged, creative, and productive.

New possibilities emerge, and every win fuels them to take on the next challenge—and the next.

In other words, happy employees are good for business.

So, how do we help our people maintain a positive outlook?

It all starts with making the smallest of small changes.
(Then another. Then another.)

Choosing different mindsets, habits, and ways of being, every single day.

But it doesn’t have to feel like hard work.

In fact, it can feel more like a game.

The Joy Game

This is the work that Amy Blankson has been doing for the past 15 years.

It’s why she was selected as a member of the UN Global Happiness Council.

It’s why she’s the only person to have received two Point of Light awards from two U.S. Presidents.

And it’s why she wrote her bestselling book, The Future of Happiness.

In the world Amy helps us create, we get to experience joy at work AND outside of it—without ever having to choose between the two.

It all starts with a keynote.

Keynotes that help leaders and teams sustain happiness at work.

The Joy Game

Turn stress and exhaustion into the daily practice of joy.

In the midst of uncertainty and change, we yearn for joy—but the path forward can often feel elusive. We try to do all the right things but, let’s be honest, it’s exhausting. What if we quit trying so hard to be happy and instead approached joy as a game?

In this talk, you’ll learn how to play the Joy Game, a research-based way to experiment with what brings us happiness both online and offline. Drawing on principles from game theory and psychology, prepare to not only gain a fresh perspective on addressing challenges, finding meaning, and defining purpose but also experience joy along the way.

This program is perfect for leaders and teams:

  • Responsible for building positive workplace cultures
  • Needing inspiration to create positive change at work
  • Navigating uncertainty or change
  • Wanting to unlock creativity and innovation—for themselves or others

The audience will leave with:

  • A renewed sense of joy, meaning, and purpose
  • A new perspective for thinking about challenges
  • A sense of personal agency when it comes to effecting positive change at work
  • Actionable strategies for practicing positive habits on a daily basis

AI and the Future of Happiness

Why Optimism Will Be the Key to Our Success

Throughout human history, technological innovations have consistently sparked fear and apprehension—but AI’s remarkable power and complexity sets it apart. Its emergence has sparked heated debates and given rise to endless doomsday scenarios, capturing our collective imagination. Yet, this fixation on fear fails to address the actual challenges we face and doesn’t propel us toward a happier future.

In this talk, Amy will draw from her wealth of experience working with leaders and organizations in over 60 countries to shed light on a path toward a future where AI is centered around human flourishing. As captured in her bestselling book The Future of Happiness, Amy is passionate about integrating AI into our personal and professional lives in a way that defines our humanity and shapes the course of happiness for our future.

This program is perfect for leaders and teams:

  • Implementing a new AI initiative
  • Looking to create a more positive change narrative
  • Needing actionable ideas for the ethical, responsible use of AI

The audience will leave with:

  • A deeper understanding of the human response to technology and change
  • A mindset shift about why optimism is the key to a future of happiness with AI
  • Knowledge of how leaders can help shape the social scripts for the use of AI
Amy was absolutely FANTASTIC! Our nurses have been more positive, outgoing, and passionate about patient care since her chat today. One of our most senior staff nurses said, “This was the most inspiring and kindest thing anyone has ever done for me as a nurse. Today, I feel loved.” I can’t begin to express how incredibly moving it was to see her reaction, and the reactions of the nurses around her.
Heather Roff
Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist, Dignity Health

Fearless Positivity

Mastering Mindset in the Midst of Change

We all face fear, discomfort, and resistance to change, yet our actions in the face of these challenges are what truly define us. Fearless positivity is not the absence of fear, but the opportunity to move through it by focusing on what matters most.

In this inspiring talk grounded in research and customized to address your audience’s specific challenges, Amy highlights leaders who have bravely embraced positivity amid adversity.

Drawing from insights in positive psychology and behavioral science, she shares how negative mindsets can hold us back, explores why some fear is actually good for us, and provides strategies to reframe stress so it better serves us.

This program is perfect for leaders, teams, and individuals in:

  • Sales
  • Financial Services
  • Human Resources
  • Business ownership
  • Education

The audience will leave with:

  • An understanding of why a positive mindset is crucial for agile and transformative leadership
  • Four actionable strategies to help them master their mindset
  • Simple “J-GAME” habits they can implement to foster resilience
  • Ways to reframe stress and embrace optimism
Amy exceeded our expectations and our leaders rated her session EXTREMELY high! She was incredibly personable, flexible, and engaging. We were impressed by how well she incorporated our topics into her presentation. She has a great grasp of the healthcare industry, and we loved the practical tips at the end.
Aubrea VanderMolen
Talent Development Analyst, Banner Health

Digital Thriving

Technology and the Future of Happiness in a Hyperconnected World

As we look toward the future of work and learning, the spotlight is firmly on wellness. A recent survey revealed that over 90% of individuals are experiencing burnout due to digital overwhelm—citing the pressures of working across multiple time zones, toggling between applications, fending off digital distractions, overcoming Zoom fatigue, and more.

While leaders acknowledge these issues, there’s a lack of vision on how to overcome them and establish a more positive digital culture.

In this interactive workshop, Amy will guide you through cutting-edge research from the field, equip you with actionable skills to support your teams, and introduce emerging resources available to you now to create systematic and lasting change.

This program is perfect for leaders and teams:

  • Feeling the pressure of being always-on in a hyper-connected world
  • Fighting burnout due to communication overload and platform overwhelm
  • Experiencing digital transformations, including the introduction of generative AI, SAP transitions, shifts in platforms, or hybrid work
  • Navigating generational and geographic differences in the workplace

The audience will leave with:

  • An understanding of how to hack their distractions to achieve maximum productivity and life satisfaction
  • Best practices for creating realistic tech-life boundaries to recapture their focus, deepen engagement, and find flow in their everyday lives
  • Actionable strategies for optimizing team communication across countries and generations
  • Deep insight into how tech impacts charisma, and how to reshape their perception as a leader
Amy Blankson

About Amy Blankson

Amy is a speaker and author on the intersection of happiness and technology.  The Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist of the Digital Wellness Institute, Amy is the author of the bestselling book, The Future of Happiness.

Amy was selected to be a member of the UN Global Happiness Council, is the only person to have ever received a Point of Light Award from two U.S. Presidents, and serves of Harvard’s AI for Human Flourishing Council.

Growing up playing with the strobe light in her dad’s neuroscience lab at Baylor University, Amy learned from an early age how tiny experiments and micro habits can make life a lot better.

Today, Amy is a keynote speaker who helps audiences to experiment with raising their levels of flourishing in the digital world.  She helps audiences to reconnect with their source of joy and build micro-habits that help them sustain happiness at work. The result?

Better engagement. More connected leaders. And people who feel empowered to contribute their best.

Amy’s presentation was highly enjoyable, enlightening, informative, and uplifting. Wow—today was incredible! I’m positive that every single one of our attendees was able to walk away from today’s event with at least one positive new habit, goal, or outlook on how to practice fearless positivity in their personal and professional lives.
Samantha Goldstein
Strategy & Consulting Delivery Specialist, Accenture Federal Services

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