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Keynotes that help leaders and teams convert stress into joy, so they can sustain happiness at work.

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Happiness at work is always a good idea.


Because when your people have quality of work life, they experience more calm.

They’re more engaged, creative, and productive.

New possibilities emerge, and every win fuels them to take on the next challenge—and the next.

In other words, happy employees are good for business.

So, how do we help our people maintain a positive outlook?

It all starts with making the smallest of small changes.
(Then another. Then another.)

Choosing different mindsets, habits, and ways of being, every single day.

But it doesn’t have to feel like hard work.

In fact, it can feel more like a game.

The Joy Game

This is the work that Amy Blankson has been doing for the past 15 years.

It’s why she was selected as a member of the UN Global Happiness Council.

It’s why she’s the only person to have received two Point of Light awards from two U.S. Presidents.

And it’s why she wrote her bestselling book, The Future of Happiness.

In the world Amy helps us create, we get to experience joy at work AND outside of it—without ever having to choose between the two.

It all starts with a keynote.

Amy’s presentation was highly enjoyable, enlightening, informative, and uplifting. Wow—today was incredible! I’m positive that every single one of our attendees was able to walk away from today’s event with at least one positive new habit, goal, or outlook on how to practice fearless positivity in their personal and professional lives.

Samantha Goldstein
Strategy & Consulting Delivery Specialist, Accenture Federal Services