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The Future of Happiness

The Future of Happiness

5 Modern Strategies for Balancing Productivity and Wellbeing in the Digital Era

Technology is supposedly improving our productivity, efficiency, and communication. The one thing it’s NOT doing is making us happier.

If we want to find a better balance between technology, productivity, and wellbeing, we need strategies to use tech to fuel greater levels of happiness and meaning in our lives.

In The Future of Happiness, Amy unveils five strategies successful individuals can use—not just to survive, but actually thrive in the Digital Age.

Digital Wellness

Digital Wellness

Your Playbook for Surviving Thriving in the Digital Era

Today, 83 percent of employees are looking to their employers for guidance when it comes to navigating the pressures of remote work—yet many employers feel ill-equipped to deal with these pressures.

This Digital Wellness playbook is full of actionable advice to help you and your people regain control of their digital life, so you can make working from home less overwhelming and engage remote teams in a more effective way.

How to Make a Shark Smile
How To Make A Shark Smile - Bingo Card
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How to Make a Shark Smile

How a Positive Mindset Spreads Happiness

Bestselling authors and happiness experts Shawn Achor and Amy Blankson invite you to dive in and learn how you can spread joy to those around you with Ripple and her friends.

Ripple the dolphin just moved to a new aquarium and is excited to make some friends—but, as she swims around, she notices the water is still and quiet. The eels have no zing. The neon fishes don’t glow. The seahorses aren’t horsing around. Everyone’s too afraid of a mean shark named Snark!

Ripple is determined to show her new friends that they shouldn’t be afraid—it’s all about mindset. They can choose to be happy!

Just as the aquarium begins to liven up, Snark the shark shows up ready to prove Ripple wrong. Can Ripple get Snark to smile, too?

This is a story about choosing happiness and the ripple effect of a positive mindset for parents, guardians, or educators who want to introduce their children to a positive mindset, help them build self-confidence, and set them up for personal success. Includes seven exercises to encourage kids to practice happiness every day.

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