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Convert stress into joy to sustain happiness at work


WorkWell Podcast​

On this podcast, Deloitte Chief Wellbeing Officer Jen Fisher and colleague Carolyn O’Boyle talk with Amy about strategies to maintain a healthy relationship with your technology.

Action for Happiness

Action for Happiness

In this video, Amy shares unique insights to help you use tech in ways that bring greater happiness and meaning to your life—while cultivating digital mindfulness, clarity, and purpose.

Live Happy Now

On this podcast, Amy offers tips on how to become more present in an increasingly distracted world—including how to create boundaries and find balance in our digital lives.

Making Positive Psychology Work

Making Positive Psychology Work

In this conversation, Amy explains how to be intelligent and deliberate in the way we use devices—and shares the wearable technology that can actually help to improve our wellbeing.

Aim Higher

Aim Higher

In this episode of the Aim Higher podcast, Amy and host Skip Prichard discuss how leaders can use technology to improve happiness outcomes for their teams, and for themselves.

The Unmistakable Creative Amy Blankson

The Unmistakable Creative

Now technology is part of our lives, what do we do with it? On this podcast, Amy shares positive psychology lessons and how they relate to the ways we use technology in our lives.


4 Ways to Help Your Team Avoid Digital Distractions

By actively cultivating both mental and physical spaces within the workplace, employers can reduce digital distractions and drive long-term employee engagement.

Overcoming Digital Burnout: A Blueprint for Digital Work

Employers who embrace digital wellness today more quickly realize a happier and higher productivity workforce tomorrow. The choice lies with us.

Resilience is About How You Recharge—Not How You Endure

Resilience requires one to stop, recover, and then begin the hard work again. Recovery is key to maintaining good health, but also preventing lost productivity.

Why It’s on Leaders to Champion Wellness in The Post-Pandemic Workplace

Digital wellness is essential to organizational success. How will you alter your communication tactics to support your employees post-pandemic?

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