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My Mission

As Co-founder of the Digital Wellness Institute, I help I work with organizations just like yours to fuel optimism and foster well-being in the digital era, I help leaders to create positive digital cultures through speaking, consulting, and executive coaching.


  • Amy Blankson is at the forefront of our search to create wellbeing in a high-tech world.

    Laszlo Bock Former SVP of People Operations at Google
  • Too often, the concept of personal happiness is left out of discussions about technology and the future of our world. The Future of Happiness is a timely reminder about the importance of happiness, meaning, and our fragile, promising selves.

    Susan Cain Author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking
  • Rather than fighting against the digital movement, we need higher-level help to harness it for our greatest joy, success, connection, and fulfillment. Amy’s book is the perfect pathway to this…

    Kathy Caprino “Brave Up” writer, speaker, coach and leadership developer
  • Sometimes innovation doesn’t have to be a brand-new technology but a segment clearly redefined that can lead to greater well-being…This book is long overdue for both professionals and parents.

    John Stix Founder of KidsWifi