Positive Culture

In The Digital Era

“Amy Blankson is at the forefront
of our search to create wellbeing
in a high-tech world.”
Laszlo Bock

Former SVP of People Operations at Google

Some of Amy’s
Future-Ready Clients

Rethinking how we use technology to shape the future of happiness!

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I am Amy

As a happiness researcher, I have helped hundreds of organizations to create a more positive, engaging culture.  Using live experiments, and entertaining stories, I teach leaders and teams how to thrive in an ever-changing and hyperconnected world—audiences walk away feeling inspired, enlightened, and ready to transform.

Learn how you can take control of the future

Sometimes innovation doesn’t have
to be a brand-new technology but a
segment clearly redefined that can
lead to greater well-being…This
book is long overdue for both
professionals and parents.
John Stix

Founder of KidsWifi


15+ years of research and leadership experience translated into instantly applicable mindset, behavior, and tools to grow through change.


Customized workshops and engagements to give your organization a lasting mindset, resources and resilience for thriving in the midst of change. 

Digital Wellness

As the global leaders in digital wellness education and certification, we help organizations and individuals reach a state of Digital Flourishing® – that sweet spot where productivity, health and happiness are optimized in the midst of work and life in the digital era.


Ready to get inspired? Delve deeper into Amy’s content through books for a variety of ages and audiences.

The Future of

5 Modern Strategies for
Balancing Productivity and
Well-being in the Digital Era


Your Playbook for Surviving
Thriving in the Remote Work Era



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