Amy Blankson

The Future of Happiness Book

The Future of Happiness
5 Modern Strategies for Balancing Productivity and Wellbeing in the Digital Era

Technology is supposedly improving our productivity, efficiency, and communication. The one thing it’s NOT doing is making us happier.

We’re experiencing historically high levels of depression and dissatisfaction—but, we can change that.

If we want to find a better balance between technology, productivity, and wellbeing, we need to figure out how to use tech to fuel greater levels of happiness in our lives.

"Volumes have been written about how bad technology can be for us, but Amy Blankson is the first author I've seen to lay out a simple, achievable path to explain how to stay grounded and balanced in the digital era."
Laszlo Bock
Former Head of People Operations at Google, Bestselling Author Work Rules!
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Technology can drive—not diminish—our happiness.

In The Future of Happiness, Amy unveils five strategies successful we can use, not just to survive, but actually THRIVE in the Digital Age, including:

  • Staying grounded to refocus our energy and increase our productivity
  • Using app-driven data to reach our potential
  • Training our brains to develop and sustain an optimistic mindset
  • Creating a habitat for happiness to maximize the spaces where we live, work, and learn
  • Becoming conscious innovators to help make the world a better place

By rethinking when, where, why, and how we use technology, Amy explains that we can influence our wellbeing and shape the future.

The Future of Happiness Workbook

An action-packed workbook designed as a guide to accompany The Future of Happiness book—designed to help you on your journey to creating more positive digital habits.

  • Take back control of your life
  • Manage your screen time
  • Create space to reflect